Monthly Newsletter – June 2021

How Choice IoT is Simplifying IoT Connectivity

IoT is so much easier when you partner with Choice IoT. Our partners experience faster deployments, compelling insights, and reduced expenses since they have:

  • Instant Activations, no more delays waiting for someone to process on your behalf
  • Flexibility with our mobile-enabled platform, manage your service from anywhere at anytime
  • Simplified Management of your account. Keep detailed notes on your customers, and never lose track of user and group names
  • Remote Troubleshooting. Get full visibility anytime to view usage, down to the session level, and even perform a remote network reset from anywhere.
  • Secure Connectivity available with our Private APN offering
  • Full API Integration allowing you the benefit of all the CAMP features via your own platform, helping you instantly improve customer satisfaction

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Choice IoT’s Private APN is now available!

Do you have a need for a Private IP Solution?
Do you require a more secure connection for your customers?
Private APN by Choice IoT provides you with:

  • VPC connections
  • Dedicated IP address ranges
  • Simplified Setup
  • Secure end-to-end private connection for your solutions

Private APN (Access Point Name) is a point of entry onto an IP network for a mobile device. Choice IoT’s Private APN enables your devices to connect to your corporate network simply and securely.

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The Current State of 5G

For the last eight years, T-Mobile has been rewriting the rules of a broken, arrogant industry. Now T-Mobile is the network leader, and we showed two weeks ago how this supercharged Un-carrier will write the rules for the 5G era from the start. The contrast between how we are leading now and how Verizon and AT&T led in the early days of wireless is stark. They led with contracts and limits and fees. And we’re leading with free upgrades, disrupting one of America’s most disliked industries – broadband providers – and hiring thousands of people in the heartland. And the network is what makes that difference possible…

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Partner Spotlight

Asiatelco Technologies, Inc. (ATEL) is a leading provider of wireless terminal products to their valuable customers worldwide. Their innovative products and solutions are widely used for reliable broadband access, IoT applications, and voice communications.

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