Wireless Connectivity & Management Services:

Wireless Connectivity for IoT Solution Providers, managed through the Award-Winning CAMP TM Portal.”

Choice IoT offers individual and pooled plans for Data, NB-IoT, CAT-M1.
Utilize our carrier-integrated platform CAMP and deploy custom plans for your solutions. Launch, Manage and Monetize your wireless solutions and offerings, leveraging our easy-to-use CAMP portal, outstanding Care and Support, and decades-long expertise from the Choice IoT Team. 

  • 4G LTE
  • 5G
  • NB-IoT
  • Cat-M1
  • Static IP
  • CAMP Portal
  • Datalink by Choice IoT
  • Choice IOT Private APN
  • Carrier / PTCRB Device Certification
Wireless Connectivity Services
IoT & M2M
Mobile Internet & Data
PTCRB Certification
Static IP
Wireless Connectivity Services - IoT M2M

IoT & M2M Connectivity Services :

The Internet of Things (IoT) is driving digital transformation and creating a new wave of connected devices and applications at an exponential rate. Everything is becoming data-enabled, allowing companies to improve operational efficiency and create opportunities for new services. But implementing IoT can be very complex, and  introduces many new challenges. These include unclear ROI, complicated development and costly  deployment.

Choice offers IoT & M2M connectivity plans  that will fit the specific requirement of your solution or application. Choice’s IoT platform provides complete control over an IoT deployment’s entire life cycle. Activate, manage and bill with speed and accuracy. Choice offers the most aggressive IoT rate plans in the industry.  These plans are best for solutions that require less than 500 MB of data a month. Our Machine to Machine plans offer unlimited data for devices to communicate. We’ve shopped the competition for you. Work with our team to customize an IoT, M2M or Mobile Internet Data plan for your specific industry applications.

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Wireless Connectivity Services - Mobile Internet Data

Mobile Internet & Data Connectivity Services:

Does your solution need more than 500MB of data a month? Our Mobile Internet & Data plans offer both unlimited and pooled LTE data. We offer plans designed for  unlimited messaging, mobile hotspot, tablets, devices, sensors and more. Mobile Internet plans are best for solutions that require more than 500MB per month. You can select from pooled plans with LTE data to share usage, or choose from our portfolio of overage free plans.

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Wireless Connectivity Services - PTCRB Certification

PTCRB Certification

PTCRB is an industry-standard for wireless devices operating on mobile networks. Wireless carriers requires devices manufacturers to obtain PTCRB certification before a device can connect on their network. Work with our team for guidance in navigating the carrier certification process quickly and cost-effectively.

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Wireless Connectivity Services - CAMP dealer management software


The fastest, easiest, and most profitable way to manage wireless connectivity services is available through our IoT Platform – CAMP™.  CAMP™ gives solution providers complete transparency and total control of their wireless deployments. It also offers  direct carrier integration for instant deployments and provisioning on your wireless devices. 

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Wireless Connectivity Services - Static IP Address

Static IP

Whether you need enhanced security, remote access or a VPN connection, leveraging a Static IP provides unparalleled functionality towards achieving sound infrastructure practices. Our Public Static IP feature for business customers provides enhanced functionality and increased security with the ability to assign equipment to a fixed IP address.

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