Without the right IoT connectivity partner, solution providers and IoT resellers may struggle to deliver streamlined connectivity services at an affordable cost to meet their client’s needs. Modern businesses require a range of connectivity services to drive productivity and effectively manage enterprise mobility across numerous devices. Additional connectivity services that can add value to IoT solutions can include IoT & M2M, voice, failover, static IP, international, hardware, and mobile internet and data services that scale across business locations.

Rather than struggling to work with numerous vendors and risk delivering poor customer experience in the process, working with a strong IoT connectivity partner helps to ensure reliable connectivity along with many additional perks.

By working with an IoT connectivity partner, solution providers can:

  • Increase the value of their product offering with a variety of connectivity services;
  • Simplify the management of plans to increase efficiency;
  • Increase profitability and scalability with flexible pricing options;
  • Gain access to the latest IoT technology and architectures;
  • Leverage support from dedicated connectivity specialists;
  • Utilize third-party hardware which partners may have more access to.

Finding a reliable IoT connectivity partner from the start can help set solutions providers up for scalable growth and drive business success. To choose the best IoT connectivity partner, here are some key factors to consider:

Things to Consider When Choosing an IoT Connectivity Partner

1. Connectivity Requirements

Every industry has specific connectivity requirements that are solved for with a given set of tools. As businesses work to stay connected, determining which tools are most beneficial for a given industry is paramount.

For example, manufacturers may require connectivity services with dependable machine-to-machine (M2M) plans that can help manage project timelines, material logistics, and other deployable steps. Whereas a financial institution may require a failover plan that keeps their business up and running around the clock without disruptions.

Solutions providers need to determine all of their client’s business requirements and the need for a variety of connectivity service options when choosing an IoT connectivity partner. Finding a flexible partner who can provide a range of connectivity options can be a critical success factor and even lead to a competitive advantage over other solutions.

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2. Scalability

As businesses grow and evolve over time, solution providers must be able to scale their offerings without creating an additional burden on IoT management. A dependable IoT connectivity partner helps providers scale their services without sacrificing functionality or security.

As businesses consume more data across more devices, IoT platforms, like CAMP™, can help simplify IoT connectivity management, allowing solutions providers to efficiently manage data plans at scale. Features such as Future Ticketing allows solution providers to avoid costly overages overall usage allowances such as international roaming and phone/SIM rental programs.

3. End to End Solutions

Rather than working with numerous vendors, small to enterprise businesses understand the value in an end to end solutions, managed by a single partner. Solutions providers seeking to solve those business needs must provide complete IoT solution sets that include additional connectivity services.

To accomplish this, it’s necessary to have an IoT connectivity partner with a flexible variety of services, including hardware, that can deliver a seamless user experience as well as ease the wireless management process for providers.

4. Flexibility

While providers can’t know what their clients’ future holds, having a flexible IoT connectivity partner, who can provide the most flexible rates and services without sacrificing connectivity quality, can ensure a smooth transition if and when the unexpected occurs. Flexible rates provide an opportunity for providers to pay for connectivity services without additional fees on those services they don’t use.

Getting stuck with a poor vendor that doesn’t meet their clients changing needs will eventually become costly and time-consuming, ultimately stunting business growth and their margins. That’s why it is important to carefully decide on the right IoT connectivity partner that is invested in your business’s success.

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