The internet of things (IoT) refers to the ability of systems, devices, and platforms to connect seamlessly and transfer data over a network in order to give the user an enhanced experience, without requiring a human interaction. For example, if your house becomes an interconnected place where your refrigerator can detect that you are running out of a certain item and automatically place an order from an online supplier. It enables you to heat up your living room to a certain temperature while you are still in the office so that by the time you come home, the living room is all warm and comfortable. When you think IoT, it’s synonymous with automation regarding many aspects of the vast capabilities and continued evolution of devices and networks in the IoT space.

For this to happen, devices and software platforms need to be connected to each other in a way that is unprecedented. Everyday objects operate in an interconnected space, allowing for functionality that is greater than what they would be capable of individually. So, what are the benefits of a world that is driven by this sort of interconnectivity?

Better Decision Making

Devices connected through IoT are able to help you make better decisions because they process far more data than was previously possible. A good example is a smart refrigerator which has greater computation abilities. This means it can share information such as average energy consumption and so on. This means you can make improvements to how you use the device to allow for cost savings by using less energy. The other advantage of such systems is they can automatically compare costs across various retailers and present you with the most economical options. This is data that would have taken you hours to scan through and helps save you time and money.

Enhanced Quality

Smart devices can not only self-diagnose but can also scan the quality of other items in the house, allowing you to make repairs and replacements before equipment fails. A smart air conditioning system will automatically alert you if something is wrong with the system and this allows for timely repairs. Your smart fridge can also scan the expiration dates on the items in the fridge and alert you if you need to replace an item. This saves you the time of going through the package labels to check the quality of the products.

Make Work Easier

Automation of devices allows life to be a lot easier. A good example is an automated lighting system that comes on when someone walks into a room and automatically goes off when the room is empty. Not only does this save you money but you are spared the trouble of going room to room to check if you have switched off the lights. Automated systems can also make it possible for your smart car to drive itself out of the garage when you press a button saving you the trouble of opening and closing garage doors.

Greater Cost Savings

Automated systems can save thousands of dollars by improving efficiency. Systems and platforms will constantly be sharing information, making it possible for a household or a company to keep duplication of tasks and costs at a minimum.

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